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Brazilian Bikini Mall
Suppliers Suppliers exports products to more than 70 countries, in all 5 continents. This has resulted in a large network of buyers and distributors all around the world. Due to our accelerated growth, we are constantly searching for new suppliers that are looking to expand their horizons.

If you are interested in offering your products on, please read carefully the following list of frequently asked questions:

¿What products can be sold on

Our store specializes in beach products and accessories, if your product is in one of those categories there is no limitation. We value originality and good taste.

Products need to be consistent with trending colors and designs of the season and their cost must be competitive in the international market.

¿What do I need to sell on

You need a list of all of your products as well as their photos. Send us the information to cs @

¿Who takes care of shipping the sold product? will take care of and be responsible for packing, shipping and exporting the product.

¿What quality standards must I have?

In all cases, we look for suppliers with high quality standards. The products exported must be of the best quality.

I am interested ¿Where can I get more information?

You can contact our office in Brazil:

Phone: + (55)11-28400110


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